Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Sharon Hurwitz

Sharon Hurwitz is a Technology Consultant who retired from Hampton City Schools and is currently an online facilitator for PBSTeacherLine and the Virginia Community of Anytime Knowledge.

Sharon's Perspective

I was introduced to Tapped In through the PBSTeacherLine Capstone Program. When I became one of their coaches, I expanded my use. Not only do we use it in professional development to teach teachers a Free and Safe way to communicate with students, but we use it to communicate with our Capstone Coaches.

I also used it when I became the Technology Instructor at the NASA Pre-Service Teacher Institute. I developed a room where pre-service teachers from around the country could quickly and easily communicate with each other and collect files and resources. The physical Institute only lasts two weeks each summer, and this venue keeps the discussion going after they get back to their university. Then, when they start teaching, they still have access to the materials and each other.

It is especially helpful that, whenever we introduce Tapped In to teachers, there is always help there to guide them to the right spot and to answer questions for them. My favorite feature to highlight is the calendar of activities. I insist that teachers check out the calendar and pick one event to participate in ~ they almost always start with the Tips and Tricks event ~ which is great because then they get a broader understanding of what Tapped In can do.

Because I am no longer directly involved with students, I have not actually used the Student Campus of Tapped In but that is also one of the features I highlight with teachers. Knowing that you can make your "room" private is a powerful tool to help keep our students safe.