Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Crystal Hack of the GED-i Project

Crystal is the Director for GED-i National Project, a nationally recognized online learning project used statewide in Illinois, Maryland, Washington Minnesota, and a community college in North Carolina. The GED-i project is multifaceted. Partners have access to guidance from Crystal in the planning and deployment of a online learning curriculum. Crystal (along with Kathy Tracey, GED-i Illinois Coordinator and national project assistant) plans and implements diverse training for program administrators and instructors to support programs in their online learning initiatives. The ultimate goal of the GED-i project is to provide programs and instructors a unique and high quality, online educational resource to use with adult learners that addresses the content in all GED Tests.

The GED-i Perspective

Crystal has led a national professional development initiative with administrators, instructors, and coordinators who are partners in their deployment of GED-i.

Tapped In provides a centralized location for the sharing of resources, hosting professional development chats, and engaging in GED-i related discussions. Both experienced and new adult education professionals are able to network, share tips and strategies about the online teaching and learning experience. By utilizing the features and tools in Tapped In, the GED-i Training Team models best practices in online leadership and the teaching and learning experience that can be replicated with adult learners.

Professional development topics have included the following:
Marketing GED-i.
Using Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom.
Creating a Tapped In Virtual Classroom.
GEDTS Math Tips and Strategies.
Providing a Comprehensive Orientation to Online Learners.

Additionally, GED-i training team members have live office hours to assist with GED-i related questions. These combined methods of communication (live chat, discussion threads, and downloadable resources) enable national partners constant and reliable access to GED-i trainers, creating true collaboration and partnerships.

Together, Crystal, Kathy, and the GED-i training team, use Tapped In to provide support and professional development opportunities to individuals engaged in GED-i instruction and leadership. Reaching out to a national audience is possible through both synchronous and asynchronous use of Tapped In.