Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Lynne Wolters

Lynne Wolters is a learner and teacher, with a history of technology use ranging from ditto machines and rotary adding machines to Web 2.0 Tools for Schools. Teaching assignments include a community college professional web master program, and as a Professor of Educational Technology. Lynne is fluent in creation of learning environments online via instructional blogs, wikis, or course management systems. Lynne is the group owner/facilitator for "Web 2.0 Tools for Schools" and "E-Portfolios Discussion Group".

Lynne's Perspective

I first came to Tapped In as a Pepperdine Ed Tech graduate student. Total immersion and high motivation are excellent factors for quickly learning the ins and outs of Tapped In. All of my classes and small group work were completed in TI. What an amazing experience!

Who knew it was possible and probable to make lasting and intimate relationships online? Who knew you could have class members from across the country and around the world? Who knew you could have high quality, demanding curricula delivered in a place like Tapped In? Who knew you could continue growing, learning, and leading in this very same online community, for more than a decade?

As I have continued to immerse myself in web 2.0 tools, I am frankly amazed how well Tapped In holds up. There are no embedded video players, few graphics, and no hosting of audio files. These elements are the staples of more recently developed web communities. Yet it is the heart of the people who support Tapped In and its community that keep this "tool" alive and thriving. What a powerful reminder that tools are tools and people are the purpose and the reason.

As my career evolves, I find Tapped In continues to be a great fit. Now embarking on a career change as Life Coach and New Media Consultant, I will continue to participate in Tapped In. I will continue to provide leadership and focus for my special interest groups. Additionally, I will be providing Life Coaching services to educators looking for renewal and/or refocus. I will be providing workshops to parents on Internet safety, parenting Internet using kids, and cyberbullying. And, I will be continually looking to the expertise and loyal community that is Tapped In.