Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Susan Roseman

Sue, a member of Tapped In since 2003, has been an active community member, presenting her K-3+ Resources discussions on many topics. The K-3+ Resources group has grown to 250 members, one of the largest special interest groups in the Tapped In community.

Sue's Perspective

Teaching has always been my destiny and a crucial part of who I am. I started my career in education as a grade 3 classroom teacher in Montreal. My teaching experience has been almost exclusively in the primary grades at inner city schools in Montreal and Ottawa. After obtaining a Specialist in Computers in Education from Ottawa University I switched career paths and became an Educational Technology Integrator and Computer Contact Teacher. I enjoyed offering professional development to teachers and students. The concentration was on integrating the internet and various applications into the curriculum.

I stumbled upon Tapped In while transitioning from a classroom teacher to Educational Technology Integrator and I was hooked. The camaraderie, friendship, collaboration, support and professional development that the Tapped In community provided was invaluable: connecting with educators from all over the world; sharing the joys, successes and frustrations of teaching; finding great resources and sharing travel experiences. I have been a member since 2000 and have developed many friendships and support networks. Tapped In has allowed me to both stay current in terms of technology and rejuvenate my teaching. I am currently teaching on an occasional basis, acting as a docent in a Looking at Pictures programme with the National Gallery of Canada and of course offering K to 3+ Great Resources twice monthly sessions on a varied number of curricular topics at Tapped In. Hope to see you online where we can share our classroom experiences and resources.