Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Kathleen Fletcher Bacer

Kathleen Fletcher Bacer (KathleenDB) is an associate professor and the creator and director of Azusa Pacific University's new Online Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program which will make its debut February 2003 just in time to utilize the new TAPPED IN interface (currently known as TAPPED IN 2). Coming from 19 years of K-8 classroom teaching, and 9 years training teachers in classroom management and manipulative math techniques, Kathleen now trains teachers how to utilize technology in the classroom to impact the teaching/learning process. She has been with APU full time for 5 years where she directed the regional-based MA in Ed Tech program. She earned her masters in education with an emphasis in mathematics from Cal Poly, Pomona, CA and her doctorate in educational technology from Pepperdine University in 1999.

Kathleen's Perspective

It was through my doctoral work at Pepperdine that I first fell in love with MOOs. Linda Polin introduced me to ElMundo - Pepperdine's Moo at the time and I was hooked. It was a wonderful way to creatively express myself online and ElMundo still holds a dear space in my virtual persona today. A year after I completed my doctorate I noticed ElMundo was seeming a bit disserted. Where had everyone gone? I was told by a colleague that they had moved to TAPPED IN, the latest and greatest. I soon discovered that it was indeed just that!

For me, the nurturing and sustaining of the internal and external teaching/learning environment, whether it be face-to-face or online is extremely important. I remember my first times in TAPPED IN in 1998 with the patience of BJB and Judi as I built my office and classrooms. Creating that special place online that invites the learning process was so easy and fun with what TAPPED IN had to offer. I loved the objects and the creative spaces I could create. My master's students loved it also. It was a great way to immerse them in what I refer to as a dynamic online learning community.

Just a few of my favorites in TAPPED IN:
What's next? I am excited about TAPPED IN 2 and the potential it holds. I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Judi in getting our APU building ready for my new online program. It is definitely a different look and feel. Sort of like moving from OS9 to OSX :-). The learning curve will be much easier for newbies. You will miss some things at first but in time I think TAPPED IN 2 will have all the comforts of our old home and so much more. You will be amazed at the speed and ability to multi-task and work within many different information spaces while sharing the same virtual space. I am excited to bring a whole new group of students into TAPPED IN 2 and create a dynamic online learning environment. I couldn't imagine delivering a completely online program without it!