Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet William Wilson

William is currently a science teacher and technology coordinator for Richmond Hill HS in New York City. He is also the forum coordinator for TAPPED IN's Technology Coordinator's and Science Teacher's Forums.

William's Perspective

Having grown up around computers (my first memory of them is playing in the card sorting room at the Harvard computing center in about 1958), I see them as tools to be used to improve the quality of life. As tools we need to recognize what the strengths and weaknesses are and so how best, and when best, to use them for our own improvement and for our student's growth.

TAPPED IN provides a resource that extends my working community from a few teachers within my school to a world wide community involving some of the most active, intelligent, and resourceful teachers and educators. By coordinating the Science Teacher and Tech Coordinator's Forums at TAPPED IN, I can give back a little to this community as I use it.