Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Phil Harrison

Phil Harrison (aka PhilH) is Manager of Educational Programs at Computer Master Institute of New Media and Internet Technologies, in Victoria, BC Canada. He has been involved with the school since its inception in 1995, both as a trainer and a coordinator of training. In addition to working full time, Phil is busy completing his Masters of Business Administration in Digital Technologies Management at Royal Roads University In fact, he is so busy that he often neglects his social duties (logging in and chatting with the folks at TAPPED IN) but he is trying very hard to reform his life.

Phil's Perspective

I discovered TAPPED IN in July 1999 during a personal search for MUD-like communities with a focus on education. The search eventually led to TAPPED IN. From the moment I logged in I knew I was "home". I immediately applied for a membership, then went in as a guest to look around. BJ Berquist, who had been a member for a year and a half, greeted me. You would think by the extent of her knowledge that she actually built the place. (Editor's note: no way! BJB) Before the first day was over I had an office and was beginning to experiment with objects. After a few weeks I began to expand with other rooms and to experiment with ASCII graphics. Eventually I learned how to do room graphics and . . . well, come and visit W1215 anytime to see how it all evolved. I have experienced many pleasant and informative get-togethers with my collaboratives at TAPPED IN. Becoming a member here has not only been enjoyable and instructive but also a defining experience; it has given me a very real sense of belonging to a global community. You might even say I have become an evangelist for TAPPED IN. Everyone I meet who has even a remote connection to the field of education receives a prolonged discourse on the benefits of membership.