Tapped In Member Perspectives: Meet Kathleen O'Reilly Bogni

Kathleen (aka KathleenKO) is a corporate trainer at Rhythm & Hues, Inc. Kathleen represents a different kind of teacher than the majority of TAPPED IN members, but her diverse perspective brings much value to the community, and we are very glad she shares her knowledge and time with us. At Rhythm & Hues she is responsible for training newly hired computer graphic artists on propriety software. Rhythm & Hues is the company responsible for the special effects on "Babe" and "Babe2."

Kathleen was originally trained as a motion picture camera technician before she was accepted into a Union sponsored training program for camera assistants. She worked on numerous live action feature and commercial productions before she got bit by the computer bug. Photoshop on the Mac was a natural considering she graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. A career change landed her a job at Silicon Studio in LA and from there she now finds herself at Pepperdine University in their online Graduate Program studying Educational Technology. TAPPED IN provided Kathleen with her first VR (virtual reality) experience. Kathleen's website created for Pepperdine is a source of many articles, resources and even more perspective on TAPPED IN that members may find very valuable.

Kathleen's Perspective

I first became acquainted with TAPPED IN because Pepperdine conducts on-line classes in the environment. Teachers and students meet in Pepperdine's area in small groups to discuss topics. It wasn't until I began writing a journal for an assignment concerned with community of practice, that I really discovered another dimension to TAPPED IN (see http://hale.pepperdine.edu/~kbogni/toc.html and then click on the RED arrow on the left hand side of the page to see the journal project). It was then I began to appreciate what an absolutely amazing place it was.

Like many, exploring on my own, I was first greeted by BJ Berquist. What a great day that was! Having someone with her personality there to welcome newbies is an asset and a credit to TAPPED IN. I learned so much and had fun doing it--and I'm a grown up! After completing the journal, I decided to write a Teacher's Guide and a User's Manual to be shared with all the newbies entering TAPPED IN for their first time (you will find links to the manual and guide at the website described above). Judi Fusco, TAPPED IN's community developer, has continued to be a source of inspiration and guidance.

TAPPED IN has made it possible for me to have access to people, conversations and ideas that I wouldn't have otherwise. I love having the resource available, as well as knowing there is a place where I can go and talk with others who are as passionate about teaching and learning as I am.

It is with pride and a sense of privilege that I have accepted the opportunity to do a member perspective make my contribution to TAPPED IN. Being allowed to return the kindness, generosity of spirit, and intelligence that is shown to me every time I log in, is truly gratifying. This site is the result of a group of people with vision. They have created a wonderful place for all of us to go and commune. My thanks to goodness and all the hard work!