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January 2012
Issue 158

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[1] Tapped In is Off and Running in 2012!
[2] News Nuggets
[3] Tips and Comments to TI via Twitter
[4] Comments from the Experts
[5] About ...On the Tapis

Quote of the Month - "Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." - John Dewey (1859 - 1952)

[1] Tapped In is Off and Running in 2012!

After a long holiday break that, hopefully, gave everyone time to recharge and renew commitments to education and learning, the Tapped In Calendar of Events up and running. January events begin on the 9th with the Special Education Forum. K-12 Language Arts and the K to 3 Great Resources are scheduled for January 10, a special Webheads EVO tour of Tapped In will be held on January 11, and the always inspiring WriteTalk is on January 12. Check the calendar for events scheduled for the rest of January and take advantage of these opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and learn from the fabulous experts who volunteer to lead these discussions!

[2] News Nuggets

This is both a News Nugget and an example of how Tapped In members can collaborate globally. Phil Benz, a TI member in France, chatted with Claudio Mattos, a TI member located in Brazil.

PhilipB: If you're at all interested in joining a large (-ish) group of international teachers starting a new project called "Watershed in Crisis", then email me at benzphil@gmail.com
ClaudioM: Yesterday I created a K-12 classroom, because I want to expose my students to this community of practice
PhilipB: Cool!
ClaudioM: thank you so much for the invitation. I will
PhilipB: You can see some bits about our new project at one of my blogs, at http://cartesmentales.blogspot.com/2011/11/working-at-partners-in-learning-global.html
ClaudioM: can you tell me what is the project about
PhilipB: I would love to have an EFL teacher from Brazil join our project.
ClaudioM: ok
PhilipB: If you click on the above link, you can see some of our initial project work.
Tapped In member Sven Cederberg announced that registration for the (free) 2012 global projects is now open.
GlobalTeenagers Learning English - Let your students become globalwise at the same time as they improve their English. Contact SvenC to have your own course room! http://www.forumeducation.net/reg/gt200/
Do you have a News Nugget about yourself or another member of the Tapped In Community? Send your News Nugget to BJ Berquist at bjb@tappedin.org

[3] Tips and Comments to TI via Twitter

Tweet 12/5/11 ShellyTerrell Tapped In by @dkapuler
David Andrade, Tapped In member, is the author of The Educational Technology Guy. http://sn.im/edtechguy [educationaltechnologyguy_blogspot_com]
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[4] Comments from the Experts

Here's another example of a Tapped In member (Peter Kronfeld) collaborating with one of the TI discussion leaders (Math Transformers, Patricia Chen).
PeterK: I'm doing part-time subbing as a Special Ed and Child Development assistant.
PatriciaCh: do you help with instruction?
PeterK: Usually I'm helping special needs students work on assignments, worksheets etc.
PatriciaCh: ok ...
PeterK: That's the problem. Typical students aren't highly motivated by worksheets. SPED kids even less so.
PeterK: That's why I participate in these Tapped In discussions.... to get ideas for more engaging lessons.
Tapped In member Alisha Comick had some meaningful dialogue with Susan Roseman, who leads the K to 3 Resources discussion, and BJ Berquist, a Tapped In helpdesk volunteer.
AlishaC: I like the discussion. I was supplied with resources in real time. Which is totally different from my online class.
BjB: when you no longer have online classes, Tapped In gives you colleagues with whom you can collaborate
SusanR nods
AlishaC: It's like an online dialogue. Collaborate is big! Collaborating with you guys helped me and my students.
BjB smiles happily
BjB: may I quote you on that, Alisha?
AlishaC: I'm all about sharing ideas because someone may have an answer too.
Tapped In member Wendy Quinones responded to a post to the Playing to Learn group discussion board. (The discussion boards are an asynchronous way for groups to communicate and collaborate, even if the group does not meet for real time discussions!)
WendyQ: Hey BJ!
BjB waves hi to Wendy!
WendyQ: Just wanted to thank you for that article on making curriculum in video game style!
WendyQ: I haven't read it yet, but it is just what I have been puzzling over for a long time.
BjB: you're welcome :-)
WendyQ: I've printed it and some of its cousins and will read it over lunch
WendyQ: I think Playing to Learn meets on one of my teaching nights, unfortunately
BjB: Playing to Learn doesn't have real time chats...
WendyQ: Oh
BjB: I post to the discussion board.
WendyQ: So there's stuff up there?
BjB: but, if you'd like to help me plan a chat, that would be fun
BjB: yes, tons of posts on the discussion board...and in the links and files
WendyQ: That would be! Let me read the articles and refresh myself with Jim Gee's book.
BjB nods
WendyQ: And I'll check out the board.
WendyQ: Remember I teach adults, so it's a bit different than most
WendyQ: But the principles are the same
Tapped In member Carmen Degabriele used the discussion board in Reception to post a greatly appreciated thank you note!
Through this discussion I would like to thank BjB for the help and patience with which she tackled my chat and for the support she gave me when I asked her questions.
Thanks, CarmenD
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[5] About ...On the Tapis

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