Tapped In Newsletter: December 2001

December 2001
Issue 49

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[1] Member Perspective: Kim Foley
[2] Happy Holiday Season from the TAPPED IN Team
[3] Adding It All Up
[4] TAPPED IN Member News Nuggets
[5] Technology Tips
[6] Phys Ed Workout [6] ETC...
[7] About ...On the TAPIS

Quote of the Month - "Some day the statisticians will prove what we already know--that good tools in the hands of good teachers can really improve learning." - Robert Tinker, president, The Concord Consortium

1] Member Perspective: Kim Foley

In the early 80s, I worked in film and video with a side interest in computers. As technology moved ahead, video and computers became entwined. In the late 80s I pursued a graduate degree at MITÕs Media Lab. I got involved in creating and producing interactive projects and educational software. Wearing many hats, I was senior instructor at the first company to develop digital video editing software, adjunct professor teaching web design at the University of Massachusetts, digital video editor, and producer/co-author of multimedia textbooks for Prentice-Hall and McGraw-Hill, to name a few. In 1996 I co-founded a startup called Tramline. We developed TourMaker software for creating virtual field trips with the goal to create some order out of the chaos of the web. We also developed a site of virtual field trips (initially known as Virtual Field Trips Site, then shortened to Field Trips Site) that educators could use in their classrooms, and students could use at home.

Despite the fact that I have been heavily immersed in technology, IÕm one of those people who simultaneously resist itÑif it doesnÕt have a practical use in my life, I donÕt want to invest my time and energy. For instance, although IÕve been using email for 15 years, I have steered clear of chat rooms. It just didnÕt hold any interest for me. That is, until I discovered TAPPED IN. I finally saw a practical and excellent use of the chat functionality.

Read all our member perspectives.

[2] Happy Holiday Season from the TAPPED IN Team

TAPPED IN celebrates its fifth holiday season this year! Although the community has seen much change in five years, the warmth and caring of the community leaders and members has remained a constant. Whether you visit once a year or once a week you are an important part of the community. The TAPPED IN team of staff and volunteers would like to thank each one of you for your support and participation and wish you and your families peace and joy as we bring 2001 to a close. The New Year promises even more exciting change as we implement your ideas to make TAPPED IN even better.

[3] Adding it All Up - by Judi Fusco

Between 9/2000 and 8/2001 there were 279 different After School Online (ASO) sessions offered by experts in the community on different content topics relevant to education professionals plus all the "Tips and Tours" sessions. On average, 10 people attended each session (with a range from 2-31 people). Over 1050 of our members attended at least one ASO session and 275 of those members attended more than one session. Why are we telling you all this? To let you know that there are a lot of great people and great sessions going on in ASO.

If you have not attended an ASO session ever (or in a long time) take a look at the calendar and see if there is something that is of interest to you. We have added a lot of new sessions in the last year. (In 9/1999-8/2000 we only offered 98 sessions. We offered nearly 3 times as many this last year!)

To attend a session, drop by TAPPED IN at the time designated on the calendar and friendly helpdesk people will get you to the right place for the session! If you do not see a topic you are interested in then email us and suggest a new topic. We are always looking for new ideas and new leaders from the community!

[4] TAPPED IN Member News Nuggets

Barbara Dieu had the following poem published by the European Center for Modern Languages (see http://www.ecml.at/ - this url needs to be accessed with IE)

On Teachers and their Pearls

Some teachers are like oysters,
producing unique and unknown pearls
on intrusion or as a reaction
Some are jewelers,
who collect and string the most beautiful into fashion
Others wear them round the neck,
showing them off to the world
and glitter in their reflection.
Maria Avgerinou helped lead the recent IVLA2001 Conference that was held in part at TAPPED IN. The daily schedule included a good amount of group reflection on issues raised through the preceding presentations, as well as on the effectiveness of particularly the virtual presentations. It was evident to all that there was/is a lot of scope for further collaboration, especially as far as research initiatives are concerned. The format of the IVLA2001 conference (study groups) promoted the creation of friendly atmosphere resulting in increased participant interaction, and professional networking during and beyond the life of the conference; but also was conducive to in-depth, substantial discussions about topics of shared interest. See http://www.ivla.org/.
Do you have a News Nugget about yourself or another member of the TAPPED IN Community? Send your News Nugget to BJ Berquist at bjb @ tappedin.org.

[5] Technology Tips

If you have AOL and are having trouble logging in or staying logged in to TAPPED IN, see our Help page. For more information contact us.

Advanced Tech Tip of the Month: Home Sweet Home
Setting your home in TAPPED IN can make it much easier to get to a classroom or office. Home is not only where your heart is, it's also where you will land when you log in to TAPPED IN and where you will teleport if you type /HOME or click on HOME on the CAMPUS MAP. To set your home in an office or classroom, go to that room and then type /SETHOME. You can change your home at any time.

[6] Phys Ed Workout: by Jeffrey L. Merzbacher

A friend just had his climbing wall published in the San Diego Union Tribune and it reminded me that technology's impact on physical education goes deep. Not only do pool walls have sensors for split second touch timing but laptops and palm pilots have made distance learning possible in remote places like half way up Half Dome or out at sea on a vessel. The applications are not only enhancing physical education but are making adventurous activities safer.

[7] ETC...

International Child Art Foundation
The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) serves as an umbrella to an expanding global network of individuals and institutions concerned about the "creativity risk" faced by children (especially 8-12 age group) and the need to create a common bond among the world's children.

The children's "Arts Olympiad", held every four years is a local and national art competition. The deadline for this year's theme, "me in the new millennium", is October 31, 2002. The program culminates into the world's largest international children's festival -- ChildArt & Creativity Festival -- traditionally held on the National Mall in Washington, DC. The next festival is planned for the summer of 2003. For more information contact Ashfaq Ishaq, PhD, FRSA, Executive Director, International Child Art Foundation, http://www.icaf.org.

AAUW Grant Opportunity
The American Association of University Women (AAUW, http://www.aauw.org) Educational Foundation offers Community Action Grants for the 2002-2003 academic year.

Community Action Grants provide seed money to individuals, AAUW branches, AAUW State organizations, and local community-based nonprofit organizations for innovative programs or non-degree research projects that promote education and equity for women and girls. One-year grants for start-up projects and two-year grants for projects focused on K-12 girls' achievement in math, science, and/or technology are available. Applicants must be women who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Grant projects must have direct public impact, be nonpartisan, and take place within the United States or its territories. The deadline for applications is postmark January 15. For more information call 800-326-2289, email: info@aauw.org

[8] About ...On the TAPIS

Postings of all ...ON THE TAPIS issues are available on the TAPPED IN website. Contact us if you have any questions about your subscription, password or user name, or if you have any news items that you want to share with the community for ...ON THE TAPIS.