Tapped In Newsletter: Summer Carnival 2000

Summer Carnival
Special Edition
July 11, 2000

Summer Carnival 2000 is Tomorrow! - by BJ Berquist
Tomorrow, Wednesday July 12 from 8am-8pm PDT, is the Summer Carnival at TAPPED IN--a learning while playing day.

The schedule and description of tomorrow's events are posted at http://www.ucsf.edu/sep/tappedin/carnival.html

The day includes the following sessions:
- Wake up with Cyberobics
- PALS Lesson Plan Contest (science)
- Human versus Search Engine Challenge
- A TAPPED IN Treasure Hunt
- Universities in TAPPED IN
- Florida Virtual High School
- Science Education Discussion Panel
- A TAPPED IN House Tour
- Classroom Virtual 2000 Campaign (social studies)
- Social Studies Forum Open Meeting
- A Virtual Pet Show
- Hot Technologies in Education!

Some of the titles may sound a little silly, but all sessions were designed to teach you about the power of the TAPPED IN environment for learning and teaching. You bring the cotton candy, and we'll bring the fun!

(If you've forgotten your password, please reply to this email message and we'll get a new one to you!)

New Interface! - by Judi Fusco
If you haven't logged in yet this summer, come for the Summer Carnival and try out our new version of TAPestry!! Our newest version of TAPestry (our user interface) makes TAPPED IN even easier to use. Just go to our regular membership page and log in. With the new interface you don't have to remember commands. You don't have to type a quote (") to talk, and there are more "clickable" things making it even easier to get around to the different rooms and use the objects in the environment. Many of our members have told us how much they like it. Come give it a try and let us know what you think!

If you liked the old interface, don't worry, we've designed the new one with that in mind and you can switch a couple of settings and have the old "look and feel" back. Ask a Help Desk member or check out the documentation on our Help page.

Summer Groups - by Help Desk Staff
Leading a workshop or teaching a class this summer and want to introduce your colleagues or students to TAPPED IN? GREAT! If you think you might need help when you bring them online, please email us a day or two in advance and we'll be there to help you. If you don't email us, we'll try to help, but can't guarantee that we won't be busy with another group. To help us help you, send an email to us and let us know the date, time, and how many people in your group.