Tapped In Newsletter: April 2000

April 2000
Issue 29

In This Issue
[1] NECC Conference and TAPPED IN Workshop
[2] Math Forum Discussion Bridging Research & Practice Group
[3] Technology Tools and Active Learning
[4] HelpDesk Wants YOU
[5] NEW!!! Time Zone Friendly Calendar of Events
[6] Caps and Gowns in Bits and Bytes
[7] Ten Homework Tips from The Schwab Foundation for Learning
[8] Digital Generation Gap?
[9] Technology Tips - TAPPED IN Partner Organizations
[10] About ...On the TAPIS

Quote of the Month
"Human inventiveness has created problems because human judgement and humanity's ability to deal with the consequences of its creations lag behind its ability to create." - Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich, biologist

[1] NECC Conference and TAPPED IN Workshop by Judi Fusco
We'll be in Atlanta, Georgia for National Educational Computing Conference this summer and we're doing a TAPPED IN workshop. If you're interested in learning tips and tricks for using TAPPED IN and are planning to be at NECC, sign up for our workshop. You can learn more about NECC and register for workshops at http://www.neccsite.org. Hope to see you in Atlanta!

[2] Math Forum: Bridging Research and Practice Group (BRAP), by Roya Salehi
Join the Math Forum on Monday, April 24th, for a tour of the videopaper, "Encouraging Mathematical Thinking: Discourse around a Rich Problem" and an opportunity to interact with some of the authors.

In an attempt to integrate practice and research, this videopaper by the Math Forum's Bridging Research & Practice Group (BRAP) of teacher practitioners and Math Forum Staff reports on findings culled from discussions of research articles and chapters, classroom practice, and videotapes of classroom teaching, noting links between these findings and research into student learning and instruction. It incorporates video clips from the teachers' classrooms, and provides a challenge Cylinder Problem with lessons for various levels and student predictions of outcomes. The videopaper is located at: http://mathforum.com/brap/wrap/

[3] Technology Tools and Active Learning - by Pam Berger
Join Pam Berger, author of Internet for Active Learners: K-12 Curriculum Strategies, to explore new Web-based tools that can be used to encourage and support engaged, active learning. Placed within the context of inquiry learning a new tool will be explored and discussed each month for the next five months to analyze its potential to support learning.

The first session, on April 27th at 4 pm PDT, will take a look at CyberTours, a thematic, web-based interactive tour. In the months to follow we will explore Keeboo, Hunts and Third Voice.

[4] HelpDesk Wants YOU, by BJ Berquist
You've been there...logged in as a 'newbie' and a bit overwhelmed... then suddenly, you were greeted by a friendly and helpful person who answered the $64,000 question of "what do I do now?"... and helped you learn your way around the environment.

TAPPED IN's HelpDesk volunteers were all newbie's at one point too... but now they are giving back to the TAPPED IN community by spending just an hour or two a week on HelpDesk duty. With a membership of over 8000, our HelpDesk volunteers are needed more than ever, especially as the membership increases greatly as summer workshops are conducted.

If you sign up for HelpDesk, you'll first receive training and support, and apprentice with a more experienced member. There is also a monthly WaterCooler Confab where the volunteers can meet and discuss HelpDesk experiences. Join us at the WaterCooler which occurs each month--check the calendar--to learn more.

[5] NEW! Time Zone Friendly Calendar of Events
To make it easier for our global TAPPED IN community to know when events are scheduled in their time zone, a new feature has been added. You can now simply click on your time zone on the calendar and see the times posted in your local time. If we've missed a zone that is important to you, contact us.

[6] Caps and Gowns in Bits and Bytes, by Julie Duffield
Distance Learning Resource Network (DLRN) invites you to participate in an interview with Dr. Sharon Johnston, curriculum specialist of The Florida High School (FHS) a virtual high school. This interview will take place as a session in the After School Online (ASO) of Tapped In on Wednesday, May 10th. This session will introduce you to Florida High School, a virtual high school which officially began in 1996 for the purpose of creating a complete diploma granting high school online. This event should be of interest to K-12 educators and administrators interested in learning more about virtual high school models and how to support online high school student learning.

[7] Ten Homework Tips from The Schwab Foundation for Learning
Research shows that when parents become involved in their children's schoolwork, the children do better in school. One way you can get involved is by helping your child with homework. It will benefit both your child's school work and self-esteem. Look for upcoming sessions in TAPPED IN where we get together to discuss tips for getting parents more involved in their children’s education.

The Schwab Foundation for Learning has "Ten Homework Tips" to help moms and dads help their LD kids with homework. To read this article, please go to http://www.schwablearning.org/main.asp?page=2.9.3pubs=parent&id=255.

(Editor's Note: These ten tips look pretty good for parents of all kids, not just kids with a LD.)

[8] Digital Generation Gap?
Some say that the digital divide is also a generation gap, as today's teens make the web and email an integral part of their lives. They can't see living without it, and their parents just don't get it.

[9] Technology Tips - TAPPED IN Partner Organizations – Part 1
Take advantage of the many resources that the TAPPED IN Partner Organizations provide. To learn more about the partners visit their suites on the second floor of the main TAPPED IN building.
* Blazing Learning Trails (BLT) - Essential technology, engaged learning, and the Illinois Learning Standards are used for professional development of course curriculum and teaching methodologies.
* ED's Oasis (EDS) - student-centered web sites and examples demonstrating effective classroom Internet use
* ICONnect (IC) - helps school library media specialists, teachers and students learn the skills necessary to navigate the Information Superhighway.
* Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network 21st Century Education Initiative (JVSV) - Challenge 2000: Project Based Learning with Multimedia
* Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) - focuses on systemic change needed to reinvent teaching and schooling by developing new instructional practices, teaching roles, and organizational roles
* Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) - offers professional development programs in K-12 science and math.
* Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) - an initiative designed to provide all learners with the workplace skills that will ensure success in a global economy.

We'll highlight the rest of our partners next month.

[10] About ...On the TAPIS
Postings of all ...ON THE TAPIS issues are available on the TAPPED IN website. Contact us if you have any questions about your subscription, password or user name, or if you have any news items that you want to share with the community for ...ON THE TAPIS.