Tapped In Newsletter: August 1997

Greetings TAPPED IN Members!

This the inaugural issue of ...ON THE TAPIS (meaning an event or topic under consideration). How does it work? Each month we will update you on TAPPED IN people, news, and events. Each item will have contact information in case you want to know more. Issues will also be archived on the TAPPED IN HyperNews Bulletin Board. Contact us with any news items that you want to share with the community.

This months topics:
   1. Weekly on-line practice and Q/A sessions with TAPPED IN staff
   2. Welcome to our 400th member
   3. Nominate the activities that you would like to see in TAPPED
      IN (and win a T-shirt)

1. Practice Sessions

TAPPED IN is now offering on-line Practice Sessions with one of our staff every Monday from 4-5 Pacific Time. Log in to TAPPED IN during this time to practice talking, navigating, using objects, or just to ask us questions. If you have trouble logging in, contact us for help. New sessions may be added (or times changed) in the future, so check our website for updates.
2. Welcome to our 400th member

We'd like to welcome BruceF, our 400th TAPPED IN member. Bruce is a community college science teacher in California who learned about TAPPED IN at the Geological Society of America's ESSTEP workshop this summer in Boulder, Colorado. The GSA suite is on the 2nd floor, south wing. Stop in for a visit!

3. TAPPED IN Community Activities Nomination Survey

To help us understand better the kinds of community wide, on-line activities that you are interested in, please take about 5 minutes to complete and email back to us the survey below. These activities would be open to all members (apart from those provided by your own professional development organization). You can also fill out this survey at our newly-redesigned Website.

Upon receipt of your completed survey, you will be entered in a contest to *** WIN A TAPPED IN T-SHIRT! *** A REAL one--not virtual. They are very cool!

I am a:
__ Teacher
__ Staff Developer
__ Researcher
__ other (specify ________________________)

What time(s) of day would be best for us to hold on-line events in Tapped In? (Rank all that apply with 1 meaning the best time for you)
__ morning
__ over lunch
__ after school
__ evening
__ other (specify _______________________)
My time zone is
__ pacific standard time
__ central standard time
__ eastern standard time
__ other (specify ________________________)

Please rate how interested you would be in participating in the following types of activities in TAPPED IN, using the following scale:

             1 2 3 4 5
  not at all very
 interested interested

___ Attending talks by other teachers about what works and doesnt work in their classrooms.

___ Attending sessions in which education researchers speak about their work.

___ Weekly live discussions on a specific topic with teachers who have similar interests.

___ Informal chat times to meet new colleagues.

___ Website tours hosted by teachers or researchers on different topics.

___ Having a library of web resources classified by grade level and subject area.

___ Having a real-live Web-librarian available (e.g. to help with web searches).

___ Reading reviews of Websites by other teachers.

___ Reviewing and rating Websites yourself.

___ Nominating Websites for inclusion in the library.

___ Browsing and reviewing educational listserv digests in TAPPED IN.

___ Being on a Website or listserv review panel.

___ Participating in an on-line peer consultant/mentor program:

    ___ As a consultant/mentor. (e.g., assisting other TAPPED IN
         members who seek information in your area of expertise)

    ___ Seeking assistance from a peer mentor

___ Conducting on-line projects with other teachers AND their students

___ Obtaining credits for your participation in on-line activities
    (e.g., CEU, graduate credits, recertification credits)

___ Leading or organizing an on-line activity yourself (e.g., a presentation)

Please list any other ideas for activities that you would be interested in participating in:

How long have you been a TAPPED IN member?
__ < 2 months
__ 2-6 months
__ > 6 months

Have you attended a formal TAPPED IN training session?

(Optional). Please list two Websites you would like to share with other teachers.